Monday, November 18, 2019

Sherwood Chourou - Week 28 in Japan

Konnichiwa, Mina-san!

Not much of particular note happened this week, but all is still well. We met with our new friend from a couple weeks ago again just yesterday. We didn't end up talking about the gospel at all, but we had a solid conversation. We've got high hopes for him. This week is zone conference, so I'm actually in Sapporo right now. We played an assortment of games like shogi (Japanese chess) and mancala, among others.
But yeah, that's pretty much it. Can't expect every week to be a blast and a half, but that's just fine. Hope you all are still doing great back home! Matta ne!

 - Finally took some scenery shots
 - I got snowed on

Friday, November 15, 2019

Sherwood Chourou - Week 27 in Japan


Sorry for the late email, I ran out of internet access before I could send. Today was District Pday, so we went to a zoo in Asahikawa (I took many photos which will be included in this and following emails.) Last week, Murakami Chourou and I got to perform in a traditional Japanese dance! I couldn't get a video or picture of the actual dance, but I have one of us in our costumes (included here). On a more general note, it has begun to snow up here in Hokkaido! I haven't lived in this much snow in years (If ever)! We're going to have to put away our bikes for the winter this weekend.
Speaking of weekends, we're meeting up with our new friend I mentioned last week this Saturday! Hope that goes well. We've had a decent amount of appointments and visits lately, which is always good, but nothing really stuck out in particular.
Anyways, that's pretty much it for me. Hope you all have a good week! Matta ne!

 - Us in costumes
 - Us in snow
 - Many animals

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Sherwood Chourou - Week 26 in Japan


It's been good up here in Wakkanai. It's been a bit cold, a concept likely foreign to my Arizonian compatriots, but fun nevertheless. Theoretically, we'll be getting snow this weekend! Whether I'll survive that or not, we'll just have to wait and see.
For the most part, this week has been a lot of simple lessons with various persons. Keeping up with the japanese is still difficult, but I'm getting the hang of it. One of the people we were teaching was doing some woodwork, so we got to help out. We got to use a saw and drill, which was pretty cool. Brought back good memories of the pinewood derby (sweet, sweet nostalgia~). We also went to one of our investigator's dance classes. Not sure how, but I managed to imitate the people in front of me well enough to earn the praise of the many grandmas and grandpas there. After that, we went and got icecream with everyone. T'was yummy.
Final announcement of this week: we got a new interested friend! He's from Texas (that made things ridiculously easier, let me tell you) and he's agreed to read a bit of the Book of Mormon! At first he was kind of meh about religion in general, but apparently the Spirit did us a solid and boosted my teachings and testifyings. High hopes for this guy!
That's all for this week, folks! Hope you're all doing well, and have a good week! Matta ne!

- The Japanese skies are particularly heavenly. Not sure why.
- Yummy iced creams
- Tiny pretty village
- Me and Murakami Chourou

Sherwood Chourou - Week 38 in Japan

Konnichiwa! We are back to the slowish days once more. We've been dendoing and teaching plenty, but nothing outstanding has arisen ...