Monday, April 30, 2018

Look to the East and Laugh at Harakara Yoga

Konnichiwa minasan! 

This week was way cool. We had splits with Agate Shimai and Miyamoto Shimai and it was way cool. We went and visited Hayato and got to have a really interesting conversation with a guy who was at his shop. We did the Book of Mormon challenge with him, and he was willing to take a Book of Mormon, but he didn't want to swap LINEs so that was kinda sad. But we realized that Hayato is willing to take time out of his day to help people, but he isn't willing to make time to meet with us properly for lessons, which is sad, but we feel like once we get members to be his friends, he'll be willing to meet for chanto lessons.

Church was really good this week. A less-active came to church again finally. It was way crazy. We met her with her aunt who's a member, and it turned out that the less active actually was friends with Bagoyo Shimai's mom back in college. It was crazy everyone was crying and we all knew it was God's hand in our lives and I'm like 234867290% sure that this is why she came back to church this week. And the kaiin were all so happy about it too. Sacrament meeting started late because everyone was so busy hugging each other. It was so cute and happy. And our ward mission leader is literally the best person ever. We made way good friends with him and his sister yesterday and we're all way good buddies now. I have a strong testimony of the power of laughing and having fun with people to build relationships. We legit sang with them for like 30 minutes and laughed at the idea of a kyoudai yoga class (it's called Harakara yoga) and hilarious nihongo mistakes for another 30. It was such a good day. Actually the best. The ward is so close to exploding with dendo fire. They're even starting to talk about missionary experiences in sacrament meeting! We're way excited.

And now for the title. We had dinner with the Morisadas and they gave us these really delicious beans. But because they were the first pick of the season, you have to eat them whole facing to the east and laughing. Don't ask me why Idk. But hey we had a really interesting conversation with the husband about the merchant of Venice and also the word of wisdom. He's really Ravenclaw. 

But yeah that was basically the week! More to come next time! 

愛しています! (*^^*) 
Sherwood 姉妹 💕💕

19歳 20歳

the pusheen versions of us

 Harakara yoga

FHE at the Sumidas

The Moris' neighborhood is way pretty

 I napped for like 10 mins at dinnertime

  burger party with Yuya, Itsuki, and Yuma. We made the buns.

 with Miyamoto Shimai in a bamboo forest

Monday, April 23, 2018

On the Front Lines of the War in Heaven at a Crepe Shop

Konnichiwa minasan! 

This week has actually been insane. I'm just gonna break it down a bit

Monday: met with our investigator Ai-chan (she's not progressing super much because of how busy she is) and then stopped by Hayato's shop to say hi and follow up. Then Hayato referred this super fluent-in-english guy to us who's actually been to a Christian camp in America! We have yet to see any real fruits from that contact but maybe when his life settles down a bit he'll be willing to do a 30/30.

Tuesday: We had a lesson with Suzuki San. I swear it was like we were literally battling Satan in that lesson. We all had waves of exhaustion hit us out of nowhere and there was a distinct presence of other beings in the room fighting with and for us. Suzuki San realized that the Spirit was telling him to get baptized soon because Bagoyo Shimai was way bold and told him that the things he was perceiving wasn't us but the spirit telling him what to do, but he wasn't super happy about it. But then I came in and just testified about how much God loves him and the spirit was so strong and we all cried and basically we're 100% sure that we cast out Satan that day and that Suzuki san's ancestors were helping us through the veil. We also met with Hikaru Kyoudai to try and help him prepare for a mission and see where he's at in the whole testimony area of life. He's way smart and he said that when he goes on a mission he wants to work with and strengthen members. The only problem is that he feels ostracized from the other members and his testimony of the Plan of Salvation is weak. But we're working to help him.

Wednesday: koukan with the Marugame shimai! Bagoyo Shimai and I worked with Eyring Shimai (yes she's President Eyring's granddaughter) and Loving Shimai worked with Bartholomew Shimai. We visited Mary and found out she's moving a few blocks away soon. Hopefully she'll let us help her with that. Then we went to visit Hayato again to give him a conference talk (Am I A Child of God?) and introduce the book of Mormon challenge. (ask us any question and we'll answer it with the book of mormon) He wasn't really feeling the whole "kamisama no kodomo desu" thing at first, but then his friend Kotaro (a kinjin we love him) showed up. We did the challenge with him and his question was actually "how can I grow 20cm?" and we found an answer! Two! Alma 7:23 and 3 Nephi 13:33-34. He was like "oh so I should just pray for the things I really need! " and he was way happy to receive a book of Mormon when we gave it to him. And then Hayato told him that he's a child of God and it was awesome. (We're starting to think that Hayato gains a testimony by bearing it.)

Thursday: we met with Murakami San and it was way interesting. He's also considering becoming a monk so we're trying to help him not want to do that. His only problem is he doesn't understand why God would command Nephi to kill Laban. (we're pretty sure he doesn't understand who Laban was) but when he gets over that he'll be absolute kinjin. Then we had a lesson with Matsuda shimai and it was such an awesome experience! She had really fukai questions like "what is happiness?" but as we talked and she shared experiences she answered her own questions! It was awesome! We love her.

Friday: Had a lesson with Suzuki San. He's progressed so much! I think he's finally ready to tell his wife that he wants to get baptized! We did a mock interview with him and his answers were so good. Even when he wasn't super sure, his default was to go back to Jesus Christ. It was beautiful. I'm so so excited for him. Then we visited Wright Shimai and learned a lot about the ward from her. She feels like she doesn't have support and it's sad. But she asked us to help her clean her house in a couple weeks! We're so excited. And then right after that we were able to have a LINE call lesson with Kotaro! And he introduced the book of mormon challenge to his friend Mizuki! And she was also really excited about it! We were able to set up a second appointment with him and it was such an awesome miracle.

Saturday: we visited a lot of members and biked literally 25 miles to visit Nakajima shimai, Shiraishi Shimai, and the Sumidas. We talked about ministering and also did the book of mormon challenge. They loved it so much. I will legit testify about the power of the challenge every waking minute of my life. It works in everything. We were able to build some way good relationships with the members because of it.

Sunday: oh boy. A day of whiplash. We were on the literal front lines of the war in heaven today. We went and had a nerunerunerune party with Itsuki Shimai, Miyazaki Kyoudai, and their friend Yuma-chan. It was so fun and we got to do the challenge with them! Yuma was so happy to receive the book of mormon it was so cute. And Itsuki shimai was so so so ureshii about the whole thing. It was way great. Then we stopped by Hayato's to follow up about a commitment and we met Dylan. Now Dylan is an American with family in Payson, Utah. He's not kaiin though. He straight up grilled us on gospel stuff (and also lectured me on being too bold with Hayato which was chigau but whatever) and we were shaking the whole time but it was also legit like the scriptures when Jacob confounds Sherem. It was awesome and terrifying. We tried so so hard to be humble yet bold but it was way scary and also way silly at the same time. Like man it must be so confusing being a non-member. I don't know how everyone does it. Legit all the questions can be answered by God. Here's some highlights of the conversation:

Dylan: "do you believe God is a man? Cos I believe God is a woman." *insert smug face here*
Me: "we believe he has a wife...who he loves and respects..." 
Dylan: ????? 

Dylan: "do you believe in science?" 
Loving Shimai: "yes? Of course???" 
Me: "God is the best scientist???" 
Bagoyo shimai: "God knows everything so?????" 
Dylan: "oh. Well."

Dylan: "You believe the book of Mormon was written by a man right?" 
Bagoyo Shimai: "Several." 
Dylan: "well you never knew them" 
Me: "I never knew Einstein." 
Dylan: *critical hit: Spirit - 1, Satan - 0*

Dylan: "how well do you know the book of Mormon? if I flipped to any page could you recite a verse?" 
Me: "why? I have it."
Dylan: *wait logic what* "Well...I'm just saying other people have the Bible memorized" 
Me: *looks into the camera like I'm on the Office*

Dylan: "if God told you the book of Mormon wasn't true would you stop reading it?" 
All of us in unison: "Yes" 
Dylan: "well have you asked?" 
Us: "yes" 
Dylan: "And he said it's true?" 
Us: "yes" 
Dylan: *error 404: response not found* "... Religion sure is cool huh."

But yeah so that's basically all of it. It was way crazy. But now we have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon's ability to answer literally every single question. And it's so awesome because in our lesson today with Kotaro, every time he asked a question he said "okay morumon sho challenge." and then asked the question and wanted us to find the answer in the book of mormon! He like directed himself through the restoration because of it! It was crazy! He already knows he can just go to the scriptures for answers! It's so awesome. He's such a kinjin 🌟🌟🌟🌟. He's interested in lessons three and four. We're so excited.

愛しています! (*^^*) 💕
Sherwood 姉妹

19歳 20歳

1-5: Nerunerunerune party
6-7: jammin on an apato by the ocean
8: incredibly attractive senkyoushi helmets
9: crepes with Eyring shimai and Hayato
10: Taniguchi shimai's garden!
11: zone conference!
12: a bronze statue by Matsuyama Castle
13: I made an Apostasy diagram
14: crepes with Hikaru! (he looks like Sherlock Holmes but Japanese)
15-18: making sakura mochi! (with a bonus Takaki Kyoudai head chilling in the corner) 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Konnichiwa from the Rock

Konnichiwa minasan! 

I'm in Shikoku now with two new companions, Loving Shimai and Bagoyo Shimai. 

We had a really good week. Zone conference was awesome (as usual) and we got to go on splits with the Tokushima sisters because of MLC. That was way cool because Adams 姉妹 is awesome and we got to see some pretty awesome miracles. We actually got low-key dendoed by a couple Jehovah's Witnesses (one was a way yasashii Russian guy) but the whole encounter was really positive because we just talked about how true love is joy and selflessness, which is brought through Christ. And miraculously we got them to both read Moroni 7 and take a chirashi. It was crazy.

We taught our investigator Mary and committed her to a baptismal date. She has so much faith but also is struggling to grasp that Catholics and Mormons don't believe the same things. It's a process. But we've been able to clear up a few things for her which is way good. Satan is working really hard on the fear angle for her. But ganbatte imasu.

Yesterday we were able to set up so many appointments with members, and we're way excited about that. One of the YSA, Hikaru is preparing to go on a mission but literally all he thinks about is politics. Literally. All of his thoughts. And he wants to help Japan really bad but he doesn't quite get that the best way to do that is through teaching people about Christ, so we're gonna work with him and try to help him align his priorities with Christ. We can tell he'd be a way tsuyoi missionary if he just puts his drive into the gospel. He's so close, but yet so far.

But yeah that's the basic joutai of this week. We're slowly but surely stoking the fire in Matsuyama. It's just a matter of time and patience.

I'm really tired tho so I'm gonna end it here. 

Sherwood 姉妹 😁

19歳 20歳

Monday, April 9, 2018


Brittney wasn't able to get a group email out this week, but she was transferred to Matsuyama and is now in a "tripanionship" The two sisters she is with (Loving Shimai and Bagoyo Shimai) are both from Oregon and it sounds like they all get along well. I'm attaching a couple pictures. I'm sure we'll hear more from her next week.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Angels We Have Seen in the Baptismal Font


So this week was beautiful mostly because my beautiful precious angel kyuudousha, Shinji, the kinjin you all know and love, got baptized on Saturday!!!!! He's wonderful and happy and the service was so beautiful we all love him so much. I got to sing Peace in Christ at his baptismal service and it was so wonderful! His testimony was so strong and amazing and President Smoot said it was one of the strongest testimonies from a new convert he's ever heard. I'm so proud of him! *wipes away tears*

In other news, Kazuki and Hashizume-san have both expressed desires to be baptized but they're both struggling to trust Christ to help them overcome their weaknesses. But they're growing so much and Hashizume-san even came to church in a suit yesterday!!! It was so cool!!! 

But also not gonna lie, I don't have a ton I want to talk about other than Shinji's baptism because he's wonderful and I love him. What an angel. He's so happy, learning how to play hymns and reading PMG and loving Jesus. A true miracle human. I was so happy I forgot all my Japanese. It was a little bad lol. 

But hey I'll use photos this week in the stead of lots of typing because last week's photos apparently didn't send. Enjoy! 

愛しています! (*^^*) 
Sherwood 姉妹 💖

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Sherwood Chourou - Week 38 in Japan

Konnichiwa! We are back to the slowish days once more. We've been dendoing and teaching plenty, but nothing outstanding has arisen ...